Demo – Required Materials

  • Introduction Video – made by contestant and must contain the following information (MP4 video, spoken and visible by contestant)… “contestants’ name, country of origin, contestants’ age on date of competition, and name of pieces performed” 

  • ‘Day in the Life’ Video –  takes us through a typical day in your life! Tell us your personal story – how do you begin your day, fun facts about you, typical practice session, lesson, chamber music, orchestra, what do you like to do (ie, sports, games, draw, read, movies, TV shows, restaurants, etc), and more! VIDEO & AUDIO REQUIREMENTS… Minimum Video Quality – 1080p / Audio – Studio Quality / Fully Edited / Up to 2min video
  • Performance Videos – two MP4 (2) separate Performance Videos – one (1) Concerto and one (1) Solo or Showpiece. Performances must be the entire movement or piece required (including cadenza); no partial performances; must be accompanied by Piano or Orchestra; video must be in landscape mode (no portrait mode accepted); only memorized performances will be accepted; video device must be stationary (not handled); VIDEO & AUDIO REQUIREMENTS… Minimum Video Quality – 1080p / Audio – Studio Quality / Fully Edited (start & end 2 seconds before & after playing); Video submission example…


  • Passport or Photo ID – required to be submitted between ages of 16-28. No Contestants older than 28yrs old on date of competition can only participate 
  • Biography in English – no partial or bullet point bios will be accept. Bios must be 200 words or less…

  • News Media Contact List – your local news media contacts (newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, online publications, etc) – name of media, email, phone number (minimum of 10 contacts)…

  • High Quality Color Performance & Headshot Pictures – all contestants must submit professional high quality colored Performance & Headshot Pictures, minimum of 1500x1500pix (2 of each or more – minimum of 4)…




  • CREATE ONE Folder Named “Contestants’ Name – Young Artist OR Senior Artist 2024” in GOOGLE DRIVE with ALL Required Material (Submission Checklist Below) & SHARE FOLDER as “EDITOR” (top right Share button) to by Competition Date (Chicago Time – 11:59pm)
  • SUBMISSION CHECKLIST (all materials below are required to be eligible to compete):
    • Entry Fee
    • Introduction Video
    • Day in the Life Video
    • Performance Videos (2)
    • Passport or Photo ID
    • Biography in English
    • News Media Contact List
    • High Quality Color Performance & Headshot Pictures (2 of each or more – minimum of 4) 

* CVC reserves the right to accept or deny any contestant’s material


Results will be Announced on CVC’s Social Media 3-5 weeks after Competition Date

CVC Results – Follow… FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube

Winners & Laurates Requirements

  • Livestream Performance by Winners (piece of performers choice)
  • Sit-down Interview for CVC Interview Series
  • Provide Mini Masterclass Videos of a small section of their Concerto & Showpiece
  • Provide high quality picture of themselves holding Award, once receiving Award
  • Other material as requested by CVC